A. How a Customer Uses Your Domain Name to Access Your Website

This is what happens when you enter a URL(domain name) into a web browser. e.g. http://www.adwordsempire.com
Your web browser sends the address through your ISP (e.g. SingNet) to the nearest node of the domain name server (DNS). The DNS acts as a translator, translating your readable web address into a computer readable form of address called Internet Protocol (IP).
For example, www.adwordsempire.com would be translated into

The DNS returns this IP address to your web browser.


Using this IP address, your web browser will now make a series of requests through other machines called routers that will pass on your request until the destination web hosting server is reached.

This destination server is the web hosting server for www.adwordsempire.com, and will return the information requested to your web browser. 


This information will normally be in the form of a HTML document, which is then interpreted by your web browser to produce a formatted webpage.