PPC Marketing Presentation

Power of PPC Marketing
Difference between free(organic) search and paid search
Look to Google for SEM exposure
– Google vs Yahoo vs Baidu vs Bing
Why PPC Marketing?
– PPC is the fastest online traffic generation method!
Flow of PPC Marketing
1) Identify target market & campaign objective
2) Setup a PPC campaign. Choose keywords, write ads & set bid prices
3) Measure results and refine campaigns
5 Golden Facts On PPC Marketing
1) Campaign objectives – be very clear
2) Setup PPC campaigns
– Show slides walking through Google AdWords setup
Always choose ‘standard’ edition, not ‘starter’ edition
Show account setup structure slide
GA Account
What is the optimal ad position?
Show Google heat map diagram
“Google golden triangle”
Google ad position is paramount
90% of Google ad users think that Google ranks purely on bid price
Ad rank = cpc bid x quality score
qs is based on:
-landing page quality
-relevance of ad text
– historical ctr
– account performance
– other relevancy factors
5) Work on quality score!
Fatal mistake #1
Not monitoring campaigns
e.g. Show irrelevant ads appearing for any local search phrase
Normalized CTR
– Prevents advantage gained by over-bidding to gain higher initial ctr
– Levels playing field
e.g. 6th placed ad is compared only against average 6th place ctr, not against the 1st place ads
PPC campaign rollout
Start search campaign on Google
Budget 2,000, profit 400
After month 1 examine campaigns, put in negative keywords, strip out non-performing keywords
Rollout campaigns to Yahoo, Bing, content network

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