SEO Recon Special

A Competitive Intelligence Search Engine Optimization Research Tool

SEO Recon

SEO Recon™
SEO Competitive Intelligence

The Competitive Intelligence Solution

  • Gathers competitor data for you: On-page and Off-page SEO Factors
  • Performs more research in a fraction of the time
  • Analyzes competitors without relying on traditional rank checking methods
  • Reveals which SEO Factors are most important for your specific target keyphrases


  • MORE PRODUCTIVITY – Save time and money by getting your research done in a fraction of the time.
  • BETTER INTELLIGENCE – Know more about your competitors and know more than your competitors!
  • SPECIFIC GUIDANCE – Get detailed guidelines you can use directly in your optimization efforts.

I had built up a million dollar internet shoe business by myself with the advice of one of Michael’s partners 15 years ago, and at the height of success my work was sabotaged by a disgruntled employee. Facing ruin because of the extent of the damage last year, I desperately hired other consultants and worked every waking hour only to find their advice was not so expert and my rankings actually dropped along with the heartbeat of the business. Beleagered and nearing wits end, I was introduced to an articulate and cerebral Michael Marshall speaking at a conference. The short story is that my rankings improved into the competitive range again for a keyword phrase that most people wouldn’t bother to fight for. It’s simply too difficult. Michael has given me the tools and the education. I owe him my deepest respect for my very survival.
Peter Jensen, ME
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