Tutorial On Setting Up An Autoresponder To Automate Your Email Follow-up

What Is An Autoresponder?

Here Is A Demo Of How It Works

1. First, a visitor to your website chooses to subscribe to your mailing list by entering their Name, Email and clicking on "Subscribe".

2. Once this happens, this new visitor’s subscription details will be captured in an email database called an autoresponder.

3. At the same time, a double opt-in request will be sent from your autoresponder to this visitor.

Once They Have Subscribed To Your Mailing List, They Will Receive A Double Opt-In Request

1. This double-opt in request is actually an email sent to your subscriber, asking them to confirm that they want to subscribe to your mailing list. They confirm by clicking on the confirmation link.

2. Once they click on the link, your subscriber will receive an email confirming their subscription.


Once Your Subscriber Has Confirmed Their Subscription Via Clicking The Double Opt-In Link, They Will Start Receiving Your Email Messages

1. Your autoresponder email message(s) are then queued for delivery to your new subscriber. Message #1 will be sent out immediately.


Your Other Messages Will Be Delivered According To The Frequency You Have Set For Their Delivery

1. In this example, message #2 is set to be be delivered to your subscriber 1 week after message #1 is sent out.


To Recap, This Is The Definition Of An Autoresponder


We Will Now Move On To How To Setup An Autoresponder To Deliver Messages To Your Leads Or Customers

We will demonstrate the steps using 1ProfitSystem, Maple Commerce’s autoresponder service.

You can find out more about 1ProfitSystem at http://www.1profitsystem.com

Special WIA only packages are available here:

The four steps to creating a new autoresponder are listed above, and we will be going through each step in order


Login To 1ProfitSystem

1. After signing up for your 1ProfitSystem account, login by going to http://www.1profitsystem.com

2. Next click on the "Member Login" link


Enter Your UserID & Password And Click On "Login"

Create A New Autoresponder

1. Select Autoresponders->Add new autoresponder

Enter Your Account Identifier, Name & Email, and click on "Add new account"


Now We Will Add Messages To Your New Autoresponder

1. Click on "View all autoresponders", and click on the messages icon to add new messages.


Next Click On "Add New Message"

Update The Message Settings

1. The "Message Format" should be set to "M", or multipart

2. Enter your subject line and message body here

2. Once your message is complete, click on "Save Message"

Your Message Has Been Added! Repeat This Step For All Messages You Are Setting Up


Our Last Step Is To Generate The Code To Produce A Signup Box Anywhere On Your Webpages

1. Click on the "Form codes" button.


Leave The Settings As Is, And Click On Generate Form


Copy The Code Generated, And Paste It In Your Website/Blog’s HTML Code


Your Autoresponder Opt-In (Signup) Box Will Appear Whereever You Paste This Code

1. Always test your setup, by subscribing using your own email address. You should receive an double opt-in request, and the autoresponder message sequence #1 once you’ve clicked to confirm your double opt-in.


You Can Paste Your Formcode In Blogger, WordPress Or Any Other Webpage To Create Your Opt-In Form


Drive Traffic To Your Opt-In Webpages, And Start Collecting Leads