Online Profit Model #1 – Content Publishing

Content websites are basically websites that are targeted at a specific niche. They should be rich in content and information on the niche that you want to target. By offering free, useful and relevant information, your aim here is to attract traffic and get a good customer database which will come in handy when you decide to promote an affiliate product or your own product.

This profit model focuses on FREE traffic generation methods to drive traffic to your website, and you get paid whenever a visitor clicks on any of your advertising links on your website.

 To monetize content websites, you can place ads/ banners on your own sites so that when a reader of your site clicks on the advertisement or banner, you get paid.

(Think of this concept like renting out a space to people who are advertising their products/ services and you are collecting rent. After all, your website is your virtual space!).

The most popular and easiest way to place these ads is by using Google AdSense as Google has a complex and smart algorithm to identify the content of your site and place targetted and relevant ads on your site to increase in the chance of people clicking on the ads. You can read more about Google AdSense here.

The challenging part of this profit model is time it takes to research useful and valuable content and create the actual physical website. You will need to put in a fair amount of time and hard work initially. But once you get your content website up and running,  this profit model will allow you to achieve passive income in the long run. 

A well written and properly optimised site will enable you to generate passive income and build your mailing list easily in the long run – without much effort on your part.

If you want to be successful in Content Publishing and create a profitable online content publishing empire, you will need to learn and by a master of at least one FREE traffic generation method, like search engine optimization (SEO), article marketing, social marketing via FaceBook, YouTube, Squidoo etc. and word-of-mouth marketing.

Here’s a summary of this online profit model:  

Example Of A Content Publishing Website




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