Online Profit Model #2 – Promote Other People’s Product – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is really the easiest internet marketing method available, especially if you are new to internet marketing. Affiliate Marketing allows to generate a comfortable income online by simply promoting other people’s product.

Yes, you do not need your own product to make money online! But you do need to know how to locate profitable products to promote and target an eager crowd who is willing and able to buy the products you are promoting.

Basically, affiliate marketing refers to you being an affiliate (or marketer) of someone else’s product and you earn a commission when your promote and have successfully sold the product. You are acting very much like a middle man, except that the sales is done online.

Currently, there are many good and reliable third-party affiliate "agents" or network where they bring merchants and affiliates together. These third-party agents/ networks are popular as they greatly reduce the conflicts and disputes between merchants and affiliates with regards to the number of sales or the commissions to be paid. These are a few reliable and popular affilate agents/ networks that you can sign up and start with:

  • Amazon ( – has mainly physical products. This is a good place to start because of their branding and their wide network of merchants in there.
  • Clickbank ( – has mainly electronic products like EBooks and softwares. This is a hot favorite with many because of its high commission payout (usually between 50% to 75%) but it is also highly competitive because of this.
  • Commission Junction ( – has mainly physical products too and also a wide variety familiar merchants with them. The signing up process to be their affiliate is a little troublesome though.

After signing up as an affiliate with these agents/ networks, you may wonder how you are going to advertise the products that you are promoting. There are many ways in advertising online but we are going to focus on Pay-Per-Click marketing (or PPC as it is commonly known on the internet marketing realm).

PPC marketing is where you put up ads in search engines where these ads will appear when the keywords that you have purchased for the ads (which are relevant to the product you are promoting) are entered and search by a user. The best thing about PPC is that unlike traditional ads that you see in newspapers where you have to pay a fixed advertising cost regardless whether people read your ad or not, you only pay your advertising fees when people read and click on your ad.

There are many different PPC systems around, offered by different search engines. In our course, we will be focusing on Google AdWords as Google currently holds the biggest market share. However, knowing one PPC system will allow you to easily learn the others as well.

We will cover more on Google AdWords and Pay-Per-Click marketing in subsequent modules.
Here’s a summary of how this model works:

Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising To Drive Targeted Traffic – Google AdWords


Sign-up for AdWords here:


How To Locate A Product To Sell

Locate A Product To Promote Via Affiliate Networks:


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