Resale Rights Marketing

How about selling other people’s product and yet getting 100% of the revenues earned ?

Well, selling a resale rights product will do just that. Having  resale rights means you own the right to resale the product and claim 100% of the profit earned. Best still, most of the resale rights products comes with the sales letter, promotion tools such as articles, news letter, classified ads, solo ads etc which makes it eary for you to promote the product online.

If a product comes with master resale rights, that means not only that you can sale the product it self, you can also sale the resale rights to others and thus increaseing the value of your product. You can even put different price for your product, normally a higher price for one that comes with the resale rights.

When you buy a product with resale rights, be sure you read the license that comes long with it, normally the product owner will specify what are the rights included with the license, for example, wheater or not you are allowed to give the product away free as a bonus, put your own name as the author, use the content from the product in other places such as blog, articles, web site etc, change the selling price of the product and any other rights that is granted to you. Just make sure you comply all the terms and condition before start using the product.

Resale rights products can be found either directly from the product owner, or through many available membership sites.