Winning Results With Search Marketing

1. Winning Results With Search Marketing

In these touch economic times, more and more businesses are discovering that effective Search Marketing is crucial to their success.
This introduction to Search Marketing will prime you on how Search Marketing works and how best practices in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid-Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) can be used to reach more customers, increase sales and online branding for your business.
We conclude with how to implement performance-based marketing for your business – by utilizing web analytics to provide actionable feedback on all online marketing effort.
Why Use Search Marketing? A Google study released in May 2009 showed that “eight out of 10 consumers in Singapore conduct research online before purchasing in a retail store… The key finding of the study was that people use the internet more than any other source at each step of the product research and purchase process – from interest to evaluation to price or feature comparisons and even to the final decision on what and where to buy”.
You will learn how to gain visitors, leads and conversions through these Search Marketing:

  • Free search (Search Engine Optimization or SEO) SEO works over the medium to long term to send a steady flow of free targeted visitors to your website.
  • Paid search (Paid-Search Engine Marketing or SEM) A well run paid-search (SEM) campaign will put your product or service instantly in front of a consumer who is ready to make a buying decision.
  • Online media marketing (Marketing via video/pictures, blogs, social media sites etc) In addition to SEO and SEM a variety of other online marketing channels can be utilized for traffic generation including video sharing sites, blogs, news sites, portals, wikis, social news aggregators, bookmarking sites and forums.

Learn the pros and cons of utilizing SEO, SEM and SMM to generate targeted traffic, and when to utilize them in your marketing campaigns.

How To Tie It All Together?

The availability of so many online marketing channels to choose from has made it very important for companies to be able to integrate, measure and report on their online marketing initiatives.The final part of this workshop explains why it is crucial to implement a web analytics system like Google Analytics to track the return on investment (ROI) on all marketing efforts.
Why Attend?

  • Discover How To Leverage On Search Marketing To Reach Customers, Increase Sales and Establish Performance-Based Marketing InYour Company
  • Be The In-House Online Marketing Expert In Your Company
  • Understand How To Track and Measure All Online Marketing Using Analytics
  • Learn How To Depend Less On Vendors, Or Manage Them Much Better

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