C. Sample Joint Venture Email

Subject: {FIRSTNAME}, a review copy and a JV proposal…
This is ___________ from _____________.
The reason I’m writing to you is because I will be
launching an exciting new product called ___________
on ______________.
Here are the key benefits of this product:
– Benefit #1
– Benefit #2
– Benefit #3
You can view the sales copy here:
As you are a well respected marketer, I’d be really
honored if you would join our esteemed JV team!
Normal affiliates are paid ___%, but I’ll bump up
your commissions to ____%!
This would be an easy extra income for you – as
we have already done all the hard work.
E-mail ads and endorsement letters have already been
All you have to do is send one out to your list,
and watch the flood of orders come in!
Here’s the link to the product download page – so you
can review the product at your convenience:
I can be contacted at yourname@youremailaddress.com
or 000-000-0000, if you have any questions.
I look forward to hearing from you!


To your success!

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