F. Landing Page SEO Blueprint

Follow these steps to perform basic "on-page-
optimization" of your landing pages. If you don't have 
your own template, utilize the website template 
provided by admin during the Bootcamp to optimize 
on-page factors.
These are the standard steps to search engine 
optimize a new landing/web page:
Step 1: Optimize the title tag. The title is 
particularly important and should include your 
primary keyword phrase and if possible your 
secondary phrase.
Step 2: Optimize the link infrastructure. This 
factor is also very important and every page on your 
website should link back to the homepage using your 
main keyword in the anchor text. e.g. If your website 
is about "real estate investing" then include that in 
your anchor text for your internal links back to 
Step 3: Optimize the META DESCRIPTION tag.
If your description contains the search term people 
enter, and it is the first text that Googlebot comes 
across, then you’ve a good chance that Google will 
display your description in the results.
Step 4: Optimize the META KEYWORD tag.
This meta tag though less important still provides 
some search engines with an idea of your page 
content. Do not keyword stuff or include your 
important keywords here, just 3-4 related keywords. 
Step 5: Optimize the headings and subheadings.
Include headings to indicate which are the important 
themes on your webpage. The most important tag to 
include is <h1></h1>. You can omit <h2>, <h3> and<h4>
unless it is absolutely necessary.


Step 6: Optimize the body copy (main content. 
Write naturally and sprinkle variations of your 
targeted keyword phrase in your main content. You 
do not have to keep the keyword phrase intact, break 
it up and use variations of the component keywords.
Step 7: Optimize the ALT text. For every image, 
write an alt attribute tag which is good for both 
accessibility and optimization.
You can see a working example of how these 
strategies are implemented in the One Shenton 
website example 
(http://www.singaporeresidences.com), which was 
optimized for the phrases "one shenton" and