G. How To Perform Direct Linking For Your Amazon AdWords Campaigns

This tutorial is also available online with screenshots at:


Before you can promote any Amazon product, you must first sign-up as
an Amazon Associate.

Here is the sign-up link:

Your can also view a signup tutorial at:

Once you’ve signed-up, you’ll be able to generate a specific affiliate link
for each product you wish to promote:

1) Click on ‘Build Links’
2) Select ‘Product Links’
3) Enter the Product ASIN number (this is available on the product page)
4) Then click ‘Go’
5) Select the correct product and click ‘Get HTML’
6) Once on the ‘Customize and Get HTML’ page, select these settings:

> 1. Select Link Type: Text Only (Basic Display)
> 2. Customize Link: Detail Page
> 3. Get HTML Code For This Product Link

An example code is as follows:

Note: For AdWords campaigns, where you wish to link directly to an
Amazon product page, ONLY copy and paste the URL i.e. the portion of
the code BETWEEN " " (the double-quotes)

For example:

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00… IN=B000E4BW7W

The above is the full URL you should place in the ‘Destination URL’ of your
AdWords ads.

Lastly, be sure to TEST the URL to make sure it works, BEFORE running the campaign.

To TEST a URL, simply click on your AdWords ad, or copy and paste the
URL into the address bar of your browser – and the link should lead to
your Amazon product page.


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