Module 4 – Website Conversion

What Is Website Conversion?
Website conversion is the process of transforming your website visitors to customers. The importance of website conversion is simple: The higher the conversion of your website, the more profits you make. In fact, you can literally double your online profits by doubling the number of conversions or sales that occur on your website.
When combined with an increase in traffic, it is possible to increase your website profits by 400% – by simply doubling the traffic and doubling the conversion at the same time. Your m4-1.JPGgoal is therefore to aim for as high a conversion rate on your website as possible.
One of the most important determinants of conversion is the quality and effectiveness of your sales copy. A sales copy refers to the sales message by which you convince your website visitors to purchase your product or service.
Unlike face-to-face marketing, you can only rely on words and images (and/or  video and audio) to convince your website visitors to take action by clicking on the ‘order button’ and completing the sales transaction.
Fortunately, website conversion is a topic that can be learnt and applied fairly quickly.
Below are 12 important conversion elements that are crucial for a sale copy to be an effective cash-making machine:

12 Important Conversion Elements
1. Powerful Headline
2. Proof
3. Scarcity and Time Urgency
4. Bullet Points to Communicate Benefits Clearly
5. Multiple Closes/Calls To Action
6. Professional Design, Graphics, and ‘Look and Feel’
7. Audio Testimonials, Case Studies and Endorsements
8. Irresistible Bonuses
9. Guarantee
10. Demo Video/Infomercial
11. Powerful P.S.
12. Contact Information

Let’s take a look at a case study now to further elaborate on these 12 important conversion elements.

1. Powerful Headline
A powerful headline is important to your sales copy as this is one of the first elements that your customers will see when they enter your landing page. A good and powerful headline will grab your customers’ attention and keep them reading your sales copy.
To make your headline standout, use either blue or red font and add quotation marks at the beginning and end of the headline.
2. Proof
One of the tips to convince your online prospects to make that purchase decision is to show them proof. For example, if you are selling a product that teaches people how to make money from internet marketing, your prospects will want to be assured that you and the past customers have been able to make money online using the methods outlined in the product.
If you are selling weight-loss pills, instead of showing ‘proof of income’, you’ll want to show ‘before and after’ photos of happy and satisfied clients.
Note that ‘proof’ is a VERY IMPORTANT conversion element and you cannot show enough proof!

3. Scarcity and Time Urgency
Clever use of scarcity and time urgency can and will skyrocket your website conversion! By setting a deadline or limiting the number of copies of the products to sell, you create the urgency for your prospects to take immediate action or “live to regret if the product is no longer available”.
Note that scarcity doesn’t necessarily refer to the product itself – it can also refer to the bonuses that you are offering.
In other words, to help increase the conversion during a product launch, you can offer extra bonuses to the “1st 500 Customers”. And since your potential customer is already interested in purchasing your product, the extra bonuses serve as an additional motivation to puchase early rather than later.
Of couse, you can remove the extra bonuses when you’ve reached your initial sales target.
When using time urgency, you can use the popular line,”Order before midnight and the following bonuses are yours.. absolutely free!”…
… or even be combined with scarcity,”For the 1st 50 customers or if you order by xxx, whichever is earlier”.
So, start employing scarcity and time urgency creatively in your sale process and watch your conversions soar!
4. Bullet Points to Communicate Benefits Clearly
Lengthy sentences take a long time to read and customers may not be able to pick out the main benefits of your products so easily. To highlight the benefits of your product, you should use bullet points so that specific benefits (and features)  can be read and understood easily by your potential customers.
5. Multiple Closes/Calls To Action
Your sales copy shouldn’t have only one payment link. The aim is to have the payment links placed strategically at every appropriate section, so potential buyers can find them easily. By placing order links at multiple locations on your sale page, it also severs as a form of reminder for your prospects subconsciously – the more they see it, the more they are prone to click on it and enter their credit card details!
However, do bear in mind you should only place the links at appropriate places rather than at random locations – you don’t want to irritate your prospects! Some suggestions for appropriate places to place your payment links will include the following sections: right after your benefits section, right after the testimonials section, right after the bonuses and the bottom of the page.
6. Professional Design, Graphics, and ‘Look and Feel’
As mention before, you will need to create that sense of “security” in your prospects so that they will feel safe buying your product. A professional design and look of your website and products is important to inject this confidence in your prospects. It will also help to create a positive impression of your product and business as compared to a poorly designed site or graphics of your product. This is especially critical for an online business as you can only try to convince, communicate and promote your product via your webpage.
7. Audio Testimonials, Case Studies and Endorsements
Everybody needs one form of security or another when buying a product and nothing beats reading positive testimonials from your customers.
This will greatly increase the credibility of your product especially if the endorsements and positive feedback actually comes from your competitors! Testimonials should be accompanied by your customers website URLs and pictures preferably for credibility. Currently, audio testimonials are also very popular among marketers.
8. Irresistible Bonuses
Ideally, the product that you are selling should be accompanied by bonuses. Bonuses definitely play a role in inducing your prospects to make a purchase decision, especially if the bonuses you are offering are closely related to the product that you are selling. In fact, the use of bonuses is best done if the bonus offered is related to the main product.
For example, you should not offer a bonus on ‘tips for improving the performance of your computer’ when the product you are selling is on ‘how to lose weight’. A more suitable bonus to offer in this case would probably an ebook about ‘tips on how to dress to make yourself look slimmer’.
Lastly, when you add bonuses to your main package, be sure to include a dollar value for each bonus – and add up the value of each bonus so the potential customer knows the worth of all the bonuses on offer.
9. Guarantee
This is a compulsory feature on all online websites! It is normal practice to offer a money-back guarantee for online purchases, regardless of the value of the product. Common guarantee periods extend for 60 or 90 days. This is to further reinforce to your prospects that it is ok to buy from you since there is a money-back guarantee feature which thus makes the investment in the product a risk-free one! This will really help to increase your sales since your customers have nothing to lose but everything to gain by buying your products and ‘trying it out’.

10. Demo Video / Infomercial
It is also popular among marketers to include a video feature in their sales copy today. This is especially so for more complex products and by using the video, the marketers can demonstrate the features and benefits or the usage of the product.
11. Powerful P.S.
P.S. acts like a reminder of the benefits that they will lose out if they do not take action and purchase your product/ services now. A powerful P.S. will make your customers think twice before they exit your site without taking any action. Thus, a powerful P.S. does have the ability to either reinforce the buying decision or to change the mind of your potential customers.
12. Contact Information
Last but not least, you should always have your contact details on the site which should include an address, email, a working phone and fax (optional) number. This will further increase the confidence in your prospects that they are buying a product from a legitimate company rather than from some dubious source.
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