Domain Forwarding and Cloaking in Godaddy

When you are promoting an affiliate product such as those from Clickbank, you will be given an affiliate link that looks like below:

There are times when you want to use your own domain instead of the above to promote an affiliate product, this has some advantages as compared to using an affiliate link directly

1. Choosing a short domain name makes it easy for your potential buyers to remember it. It also more presentable when you put it on your promotional media such as ads, email, printed materials etc.

2. When you use an affiliate link directly, it is obvious that you are an affiliate, this may give impression to your readers that you are trying to sell them something and hence may deter them from buying the product, so using your own domain name can avoid this.

3. By not revealing you are an affilaite who is trying to earn commission from your prospects, it builds higher credibility on your promotional messages and provide higher trust level and confidence to your prospects.

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can use a domain name from Godaddy to promote an affiliate product, without having to host it on your hosting server. This is achieve by forwarding your registered domain name to your affiliate link.

Another featuer you can use is domain cloaking, which is also known as link cloaking. By simply forwarding your domain name to your affilaite link, your reader will arrive at the merchant’s product page upon clicking your link, which is obviously has different domain name then yours. When you use link cloaking, your domain name will still be displayed on your visitors browser even when they have been redirected to the product page.