How to Determine Demand For A Product or Service

It is important to determine the demand for your products and services because without demand, you will not be able to generate online sales and profits! The best way to determine online demand is to use online keyword tools that return not only keywords, but also search volume for each keyword.

Here is a list of online keyword tools you can use to determine demand (and search volume) for your product or service:

  1. Using Google Traffic Estimator (
  2. Using Wordtracker (
  3. Using Keyword Discovery (

Estimating Demand Trends

In addition, several free online keyword tools exist can even provide you with keyword trending data:

  1. Using Wordtracker/GoogleTrends ( (Click on the ‘graph icon’ on the right of the keyword)
  2. Using Google AdWords Tool ( (Select ‘Show Search Volume Trends’ option)