How To Create A Blogger Blog

We are going to start our internet marketing training with the affiliate marketing model. For a start, you should register as an associate (affiliate) with Amazon. If you have already gone to the Amazon site to register when you read about it earlier, you will realize that you will need to have a website for the registration. If you do not own a website, fret not. You can easily get a free personal website by setting up a blog.
Setting up a blog is easy. Follow the steps as shown below and you will get your blog set up in a breeze!

Step 1: Go to, click on "CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW"




Step 2: Fill up the particulars as shown above then click on "CONTINUE"




Step 3: Assign your blog title and blog URL, then click "CONTINUE"




Step 4: Choose a template, then click on "CONTINUE"




Step 5: Click on "START POSTING"




Step 6: Create your blog content, then click on "PUBLISH"




Step 7: Click on "View Blog"












Step 8: Congratulation! Your blog is live with the URL shown below ;D




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