How To Signup On EzineArticles And Submit New Articles

by Ivan Wong

We have described in a separate article the merits of article marketing for driving free traffic to your websites. This tutorial details how you can take an article you have written and submit it to for syndication.


To complete the tutorial, you first have to write an article (or outsource to have one written by you). If you’re new to article writing, consider choosing a long-tail keyword to base your first article on.


The advantage is that you can submit the article to, as well as re-write it and post it on your website to attract further organic traffic through long-tail keyword searches.



Step 1: Create Your EzineArticles Membership


1. Go to, and click on "Submit Articles".

– Fill in your details in the form.

– Leave the boxes to subscribe to EzineArticle’s newsletters checked, as you will then be sent a very useful article marketing course.



Create Your EzineArticles Membership


1. Click on “Create My Account”



Congratulations, You Are Now An Member. Next Submit a New Article.


1. Navigate to "Article Manager->Submit A New Article"



Select A Category And Fill In The Article Title, Keywords and Abstract (Summary)



Paste In Your Article Contents


1. Paste in your article content



Enter Your Author Signature, And Click On "Submit This Article"


1. Enter your signature.

2. Click on "Submit This Article"



Your Browser URL Will Show That Submission Is Underway



When Submission Is Complete You Will Get A Message Box Saying "Your article titled … has been added to the pending articles queue for review."



Congratulations! Your Article Submission Is Complete At This Point. However, The Article Will Only Be Published After It Has Passed A Review By The EzineArticle Editors



You Should Also Receive An Email Confirming That Your Article Has Been Queued For Review And Publishing

At this point in time, you will have to wait up to seven days for your article to be reviewed and published. Platinum level members (authors with 10 or more articles submitted to EzineArticles) will typically get their new articles approved much faster.



In Several Days, You Will Receive A Confirmation Email From EzineArticles After Your Article Is Approved And Published

This is a sample of the email you should receive:

From: “ Approval Team”
Date: July 21, 2008 7:19:30 AM SST
To: Ivan
Subject: Ivan, Your Article is Accepted: New Release of Search Demand Figures by Google and Its Impact on Keyword Research

Hello Ivan,

Your article, “New Release of Search Demand Figures by Google and Its Impact on Keyword Research” – has been accepted and added to the directory:

You’ve also earned Expert Author status:

Your article will be on our high-traffic home page later today:

Your article has also been sent to our exclusive EzineArticles RSS
Feed and to our proprietary EzineArticles Email Alert Members.

You are welcome to add one of these special buttons on your
website to show that your articles have been featured on

To Your Article Marketing Success!