Automating E-Mail Follow-Up Using An Autoresponder System

  • What is an autoresponder?
    • An autoresponder is a web service that handles subscription requests, send emails automatically to subscribers in sequence, takes care of unsubscribe requests and allows you to mass email all your subscribers at once.

  • Autoresponder Uses and Benefits

    • Capture visitor names and e-mails automatically and send them relevant information automatically
    • Automatically send prospects a “Free Report” for opting to receive your newsletter
    • Automatically follow-up with prospects and convert them into customers
    • Automatically send customers a “Thank You” e-mail and download link immediately after a purchase
    • Automatically send follow-up offers to your customers
    • Automatically deliver an online e-course
    • Personalise emails to increase conversion rates!
    • Send your list special offers and promotions!
  • Autoresponder Software vs. Hosted Service
    • Pros of using autoresponder software
      • One-time payment fee to puchase autoresponder software license
      • No monthly fees
      • Full-control of subscriber data
    • Cons of using autoresponder software
      • Average/poor e-mail delivery rates
      • Require reliable hosting
    • Pros of using autoresponder hosted service
      • Superior e-mail delivery rates
      • Professional hosting – almost 100% uptime
      • Professional features e.g. e-mail templates, SPAM check filters
      • Constant upgrading of features
    • Cons of using autoresponder hosted service
      • On-going monthly fees
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