Tracking Your Website Using Web Analytics

What is web analytics?

Web analytics is the process of gathering, analyzing and intepreting information regarding website visitors’ behavior and interaction with your website.

Web analytics allows you to track valuable visitor statistics like:

  • Visitor Overview
    • New versus Returning Visitors
    • Languages
    • Visitor Trending and Loyalty
    • Browser Capabilities
    • Network Capabilities
  • Traffic Sources
    • Direct versus Referring Traffic
    • Search Engine (Free vs. Paid Traffic)
    • Keywords
  • Content
    • Top Content
    • Content by Title
    • Content Drilldown
    • Top Landing Pages
    • Top Exit Pages
    • Site Overlay

















Introduction to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a FREE web analytics service that allows you to analyze your website visitors’ behavior and interaction with various elements on your website.

How To Sign-Up for Google Analytics

To sign-up for a FREE Google Analytics account, simply visit:

How To Implement Google Analytics On Your Web Pages

To learn how to implement Google Analytics on your web pages, visit Google Analytics Help Center here.

How To Analyze Google Analytics Stats

To analyze and inteprete Google Analytics stats, you must first log-in to your Google Analytics account, select a website profile, and click on the ‘About This Report’ link located on the lower left hand column of the web page



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