Developing A Marketing Mindset

 Internet marketing is really about learning how to market on the internet. As such, knowing and applying the fundamentals of marketing are crucial to your online success. There are really only TWO THINGS you need to know about marketing – we call them the Two Immutable Laws of Marketing.

Two Immutable Laws of Marketing

1. Value Creation
2. Differentiation

 1. Value Creation 

So, how do you create value on the internet?

You can create value in one of four ways:

#1 – Help people make money

It is a known-fact that more and more people spend time surfing the internet learn ways to make more money. 

So, you can create value for a large group of people online, if you can teach them how to make more money. And by this we don’t mean just sharing online methods to make money. Offline money making ideas will work too. 

If you have a product or service that can teach and help people make more money, you’ll end up making more money yourself! No wonder the "internet marketing" niche is such a competitive niche! There’s absolutely nothing wrong making a living online by helping other people make money, but be sure you "earn the right" yourself – and the surest way is to FIRST be your own success story.

 The good news is the Maple Commerce will help you acquire the needed internet marketing skills to go out on the internet, compete with even the best marketers and succeed!

#2 – Help people save money

There are many products on the internet that do just this i.e. help you save money (or spend less). Ebooks on how to properly file your taxes to reduce income tax, disount websites, wholesale stores, coupon sites and even eBay have a huge place on the internet simply because they offer the best deals and therefore help people save money.

As a marketer, you can succeed online if you can help people spend less but still help them get what they want!

#3 – Help people save time

There’s a saying that, "Money can buy almost anything… but it can’t buy time!"

Many marketers develop simple software solutions that create value online because these software help people save time – lots of it

Keyword research software are notable examples, since these tools automate a routine series of steps in minutes – that could otherwise take hours to complete.

So, can your product or service help people save time? If so, you are almost guaranteed to have a winner on your hands!


#4 – Help people solve their problems

Many people go online to find solutions to their problems.

As a marketer, what you need to know is this – the more people with the same problem, the larger your potential online market!

(But don’t get excited too quickly, because the larger the marketing potential, the larger the competition (usually)!)

When we think of "problem" topics, terms such as "how to loose weight", "how to quit smoking" immediately come to mind.

The truth is, there are literally thousands of potential niches that fall in the "problem" category from how to toilet train your dog, to how to land yourself a hot date! 

So, if you have a solution to people’s problems, you shouldn’t find it tough to make a living online!


2. Differentiation

This the second immutable law of marketing – and is as important as the first!

Many online marketers have this flawed thinking that just because they have identified a hot market and their product creates some kind of value, the product must necessarily sell like hot cakes and rake in a ton of cash.

More often than not, this does not happen – and the most common reason is because the product in question is a "me-too" product, meaning the product does create value, but is no different from the tons of other similar products.

In summary, if you want to become a successful internet marketer, remember that you need to add value to the marketplace and differentiate yourself from others at the same time!

8 Web Marketing Principles

Here are 8 web marketing principles developed mainly based on real-world experience. Study and apply these principles in your online businesss and I guarantee you’ll be able to avoid painful and costly marketing mistakes!

Web Marketing Principle #1

“Great Ideas WILL NOT Make You Any Money… Until You EXECUTE Them!”


If You Want to Succeed Online…
You Need To Start Taking MASSIVE Action!


Web Marketing Principle #2

 “It’s NOT About Doing Things Right… It’s ALL About Doing The Right Things!”

The Nicest Looking Website Will Not Make You Money If You Have No Clue on How to Make Money Out Of It


Web Marketing Principle #3

“For EVERY Cause, There’s An Effect”

Test & Track EVERYTHING! Know What Works, What Doesn’t… And Keep Working On Things That Produce Results!



Web Marketing Principle #4

 “Not Making Money Is Not Good… Not Knowing Why Is Worse!"


Don’t Do Things Blindly… At Least Have One Eye Open…
Remember, “In The Land Of The Blind, The One-Eyed Jack Is KING!”


Web Marketing Principle #5

“Your Prospective Customers WILL NOT Automatically Whip Out Their Credit Card To Buy Your Products… 
Unless You Give Them A STRONG REASON To!"

Develop A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) For Everything You Do Online


Web Marketing Principle #6

“Where You Find Demand… You Will Also Find Competition!”

Just Like ANY Business, You’ll Need To Perform “Competitive Assessment”


Web Marketing Principle #7

“Where You Find STRONG Demand… You Will Also Find STRONG Competition!”

DON’T Start Off In A Competitive Niche…
Conquer The Untapped Niches First!


Web Marketing Principle #8

“You’ll Make More Money If you FOCUS
On Doing One Thing Well… Than On Doing Many Things Badly"

Choose ONE Online Profit Model To
Focus On And Be An Expert In!



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