Expert Teleseminar Series #3: How To Beat The Recession by admin

How To Beat The Recession by admin  


Key Points

1) The key success factor you need to double or triple your wealth in these gloom times

Cashflow – More specifically SURPLUS cash!

Wealth – Invest in long term assets

1) Property

2) Stocks

3) Gold



2) The opportunities that exist on the internet today despite the economic gloom

Quite frankly.. it’s business as usual online…

In fact, in Singapore, we are observing a rising trend for services – both offline and online

Examples: maid agency, lasik surgery, spa services, yoga classes


I’ve just help start a SEM company and there is such a strong demand

for SEM services that we will be moving to a larger office this Dec!



3) Why you have not succeeded online yet… and what you need to do to turn this around

– Have you been busy LEARNING new techniques but not applying?

– Are you solely focusing on techniques and methods?

– What product are you promoting?

– What niche are you focusing on?

– What specialized skill do you possess?

If you are competing but not achieving results:

– Are you competing in a OVERLY COMPETITIVE niche?

– Are you building a mailing list around a niche? If not, why not?


4) What you need to do to succeed online – and no, its not what you think!

Lots of marketers think that in order to succeed online, they need to spend time

on some form of internet marketing activity – blogging, writing articles, learning new internet marketing techniques etc.

And as long as they’re doing ‘something’, they will achieve success some day.

Others think they already know the ‘fundamentals’ of internet marketing, but in fact they don’t. 

Others say internet marketing doesn’t work!


Start by focusing!


Focus on a NICHE or A PRODUCT TO PROMOTE, or SPECIALIZE in say Blogging, PPC or SEO.


Until you start focusing…. you will unlikely be successful online.



5) Specific steps you need to follow to steer your internet business in the right direction

Identify a niche / a product to promote

Not sure what niche to go into?

Explore the Problem niche






Locate Products to Sell:


Other ideas:

– Product Reviews

– Product Comparison


Build a list – learn the power of autoresponders! built a USD20 million business just using autoresponders!

Review Products

Rinse and repeat


Focus, focus, focus!