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Strategies for Retailers to Win in E-commerce

Today if you are running a business, there’s an urgent need to pivot online and apply digital tools to reach your customers who are browsing and shopping 24/7. The recent circuit breaker and on-going challenges posed by the pandemic is a strong reminder that you need to bring your business to the online space and not rely on just physical stores which could be paralysed in a lockdown situation. But how do you, as a business, respond effectively and successfully?

WordPress Marketing Jumpstart

Learn the essentials of building an effective Wordpress Website for Business, even with no IT background.
Walkthrough the fundamentals of WordPress Business Websites, including how to secure your domain name, setup and manage hosting.
Review the best plugins, themes and hosting providers for business websites.
Explore a 5-Step marketing framework that works with WordPress to drive qualified leads and sales for any business.

Data-Driven Marketing Jumpstart

Learn through examples how to correctly interpret data, and apply decision making that will drive performance and return-on-investment (ROI) to achieve robust and sustainable business growth.
Walkthrough the Google Analytics Solutions Platform (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Google Search Console, and Google Optimise).
Explore a practical checklist on how to setup and optimize various digital channels for better outcomes.